Want to know the sweetest sound to our ears? 

Hearing the relief in our clients’ voices as they tell us how happy they are with their selling experience. That’s what keeps us motivated to keep doing what we do—and looking for ways to do it even better. Read on to see what our clients have said about their experience with us. 
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Even though I had a stable income and worked in a recession-proof industry, the pandemic put me in a tough financial situation where I needed to sell my house quickly. Fortunately, Nate and the Good Neighbor team were able to help me by offering a fair price for my house, and they even offered to pay for the move to my new home in Sacramento. They let me leave some of the trash I no longer needed and helped me turn a stressful move into an easy one. I recommend the Good Neighbor team to anyone worried about the stress of moving and selling their house!” – Ali Ytares