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Good Neighbor Home Buyer introduction

Good Neighbor Home Buyer is based in Southern California. The areas we service are Wilmington, CA; Chino, CA; and Lancaster, CA. We also buy in other areas of Southern California as well, so please do not hesitate to ask. We are a company that focuses on buying your house and getting you cash in your hands FAST. We have a lot of experience under our belt, so we are able to offer great prices for your home. We are always ready to give you a fair all-cash offer.

Selling your house to us will be easy and we will get money in your hands in less than one week.

“Unfortunately my grandmother had passed away. She had left us her home and while it was in decent shape it just made more sense for us to sell the home rather than complete all the renovations to place it on the market. Nate and his team made sure that we were happy with the offer that was made and we were able to close when it was convenient for us. I am more than happy with him and his team and will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

Steven Chen [Lancaster, CA]

Selling Your House Can Be Stressful. Here’s Why.

According to Zillow, the lack of control causes homeowners feel anxiety and feel stressed out. Homeowners feel stressed when they do not know when their home will sell when they want it. At Good Neighbor Home Buyer, we pride ourselves in selling your home on your time and when you want it, so you do not need to worry. Another worry homeowners may have is getting the desired price they want. We cannot guarantee you will get a price you want, but we will disclose everything when we come up with a compensation for your home and give you all the reasons that led to that price. Something equally worrying is the preparation to list the home for sale. Homeowners will need pay for home improvements for the house before they can list it on the market. You do not need to worry about repair fees, we will take care of everything so you will not need to even spend a dime on the house. Just sell the house to us and forget about it.

First-time sellers can experience different stressors compared to repeat sellers. Here is a list of stressors that we complied that are commonly felt by all first-time sellers.

Deciding to sell the house or not due to having low interest mortgage rates on the old house

Finding a good interest for a new home while selling their old one

Overall house selling process is stressful

At Good Neighbor Home Buyer, we know selling your home can be stressful, so we try our best to alleviate your anxiety by making our process as simple as possible. Please fill in the form below and get your fair cash offer TODAY!

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Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Us Questions. We Are Here To Help!

How We Compare To Our Competitors

Traditional Sales Process

Multiple showings and open houses

Seller Responsible for ALL closing costs and fees

Home ideally must be in retail condition

Home could remain on the market for two months or more

Must pass inspections and appraisal process

Good Neighbor Home Buyer

Offer based on real numbers

We take care of all closing costs and fees

Your home can be in any condition and we will buy it

We can close as fast as 10 days

We make no obligation offers

Other Investor’s Process

Possible hidden fees no included in offer

Very little to no transparency

No credibility

Employs aggressive sales tactics

No guarantee they can close on your schedule

“Even though I had a stable income and worked in a recession-proof industry, the pandemic put me in a tough financial situation where I needed to sell my house quickly. Fortunately, Nate and the Good Neighbor team were able to help me by offering a fair price for my house, and they even offered to pay for the move to my new home in Sacramento. They let me leave some of the trash I no longer needed and helped me turn a stressful move into an easy one. I recommend the Good Neighbor team to anyone worried about the stress of moving and selling their house!”

Ali Ytares [Sacramento, CA]

Your House Can Be In Any Condition And We Will Still Buy It!

We accept homes in ANY condition. Sell your Lancaster CA house to us to avoid the hassle of having to clean and make home improvements before you sell. Avoid fees, costs, walkthroughs, and costly repairs. Here are the things we have dealt with after we bought a home.

Ceiling with water leakage

Leftover belongings

Molded carpets

Problematic tenants

Junk in the backyard

Outdated/broken appliances

As you can see, we have dealt with many issues that came with the house. It does not matter what condition your house is in. We will your home in exchange for a fair cash offer!

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How Do I Sell My House In Palmdale California?

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Why You Should Choose Us For A FAIR Cash Offer

We know that being a first-time or repeating seller for your home can be very stressful, so we want to make it easy for you as much as possible. We will make a visit to your home and assess the property then we will take a day or two to come up with a fair cash offer that you will be happy with.

We make it easy for you

We will take you step-by-step and handle everything for you. We can also help you move if you are somewhere local.

You will be stress free

We always deal with difficult situations, so you don’t have to. We help homeowners that have trouble selling their home due to all kinds of issues.

You get a FAIR cash offer

You will always get a fair cash offer because we compare your house to similar houses in your area to offer you a price you will be happy with.

We give you control

You can sell your house on your time and will not have to wait weeks, months, or even years to sell your house. We will give you a fair cash offer up in less than seven days.

We are professionals

Every transaction will be going through Orange Coast Title Company, so everything is recorded and insured. Your home is safe with us.

We can help you find a house

If you are having trouble finding a house in the area you want to move to, we will do our best to find you a place that is right for you.

“Getting my sibling to agree on one solution is not easy, in fact it was probably the greatest challenge for Nate and his team. Good Neighbor Home Buyer was able to provide a convenient solution that we could agree upon. You truly can’t put a price on that.”

Nancy Hernandez [Palmdale, CA]

Cash For Your Palmdale California Home


We buy houses in Palmdale, CA with cash, no matter what condition it’s in. Remember, we are flippers. The worse the condition, the more excited we are to help!


We can buy your house in Palmdale, CA quickly no matter what situation you may be facing. Liens, behind on taxes/mortgage, code violations, Morgate forbearance period ending…..it doesn’t matter. It costs you nothing to see what we have to offer!

“My husband and I were looking to move out of California and did not want to deal with realtors, having to clean and fix our home, and all the fees and closing costs. We reached out to a few companies and we went with Good Neighbor because they were the most transparent in their offers.”

Samantha Cruz [Buena Park, CA]

Take Control!

Returning and first-time sellers tend to be worried about about how long they need to wait until they can sell their home. You can take control now and sell your home to us and we will give you a fair cash offer. First-time sellers just need to take the first step and you can do it with us by filling out the form below. Choose us as your Good Neighbor Home Buyer!

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