When Mortgage Forbearance is Over, What’s Your Solution?

If you entered into a mortgage forbearance agreement within the last year, you’re hardly alone.

The coronavirus has made it difficult for many homeowners to stay on top of mortgage payments, and these agreements provide much-needed relief. Maybe you were facing the loss of a job, dealing with health issues, or enduring other personal crises. 

Whatever your reason, you did what many others did and took advantage of mortgage forbearance to help you get by in the face of unprecedented times. 

But now, those agreements are ending—and you’re probably wondering what’s next to avoid foreclosure. The options include: 

  • A payment plan. You may be able to repay the mortgage over an extended period of time. You’ll still owe payments on a strict schedule, which can be difficult if you were already struggling to catch up. 
  • A lump-sum payment. In this arrangement, you must repay all the delayed payments at once. But let’s be honest—chances are, you’d never have entered a forbearance agreement if you had this money in the first place.  
  • Working with a realtor. You can sell your home with a realtor—but this takes time, effort, and the right buyer to come to fruition. You’ll need to clean your home, stage it, and pay extra fees to get the property off of your hands. 
  • Contact Good Neighbor Home Buyer. We buy houses in Southern California, and we do it fast. Using our extensive knowledge of the local market, we make a thorough assessment of your property’s value and offer fair prices. In many cases, you’ll make back the cost of your mortgage payments—and then some.

Good Neighbor Home Buyer is here for you. By working with us, you can avoid foreclosure and all the consequences that come with it, such as irreparable damage to your credit or trouble buying your next home. 

Selling to Good Neighbor Home Buyer is quick and painless. We help you get the maximum value out of your house so you can get back on track and find your next home sweet home. Sell your house fast without any hidden fees, extended wait times, or hangups. 

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