Important things that matter to buyers while selling your house

When you are putting your house on sale, you’re imagining scenarios that a rich buyer will come, they’ll make you a great offer, you’ll get sell your house real fast and get tons of cash, and everyone will be happy ever after; but that is just a fantasy. Real life dealings are much more complicated; nobody would be willing to give you their money if they’re not convinced that they’re getting an equivalent value in return, and its your job to convince them otherwise you’re bound to have a hard time selling the house. Lets discuss a few things that stand out in a house which you can use to attract buyers and manage to get a nice quote for a price.

Land Area:

Land area matters a great deal to buyers. A bigger land means that the rooms can be spacious, the lounge or reception area can accommodate a larger crowd. It is best if you target customers who are looking for places with the size of land that you own. Such kind of approach can increase your chances of landing a fair deal.


A buyer really wouldn’t like to have to demolish and rebuild a poorly designed house after having spent an amount of your liking to buy it, such a house can put you at a great disadvantage. If a house was built through hit and trial method, it is bound to have design flaws which will ensure that you don’t get an offer as per the market because the buyer would just insist on having to fix those flaws after buying it.


A well-planned combination of rooms can affect the deal to a great extent. Appropriate number of bedrooms, guest rooms, and extra rooms such as store rooms or attics can sweeten your deal and satisfy both the parties. Suitable distribution of rooms among the floors goes without saying.

Attached Bathrooms:

It is a huge plus to have attached bathrooms with your rooms, but, of course, that is only possible in a spacious land. Buyers who come with families are surely looking for this feature in a house because of.. privacy and convenience obviously. And if the bathrooms are spacious, it’s a cherry on top of a dessert.


Stylings such as ceilings, doors, stair rails are the luxurious attractions of a house. Buyers pay attention to such details because they are tempted. Aluminum work in windows, woodwork on rails and ceilings is very noticeable to the buying parties and seeing these luxuries can help convince them on a price of your choice.


This is something that must be considered separately from the rest of the house attractions. Buyers find the kitchen styling to be as important as the rest of the luxuries combined. A bar area around the kitchen would great help in selling the house at your price. The fancier the kitchen is, the more selling appeal your house is going to get. Many buyers have keen eyes for these luxuries and features. If you have these in the house that you’re selling, emphasize on them and you’ll surely attract fast b

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